Jasper & Jute

An exclusive partnership for all McLea prints.

Jasper & Jute is now the exclusive seller of all of Jozelle McLea prints to the local market of South Africa.

Jasper & Jute’s vision is to bring the beauty and elegance of high-end art to a wider audience. The team works tirelessly, alongside Founder, Katy to discover and nurture the most talented artists from around the world, and offer their work to you in an accessible format – online.

Jozelle are constantly uploading new art to have a broad range available. If there is an artwork that you love on Jozelle's site that you would love as a print please get in touch by email.


10% off your first order.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Framing available in glass frame or in stretched canvas.

Print on paper or canvas.

JUST LAUNCHED: Shoppable frames