SCROLL DOWN to view 3 kinds of framing options you can explore.

Frame your print in a mounted glass frame:

  • The most popular option that you can purchase at any interior retail store.
  • These frames come with a white mount and your print is protected by glass.
  • Your Jozelle McLea PRINT will fit these standard frame sizes perfectly!
  • Select my print sizes in Centimeters OR in Inches - the standard frame sizes that is available for frames in stores.
  • We don't offer glass frames on here just yet. But you can shop your size frame to match your pint at any major retail store.
  • Make sure you take the size of the print / paper painting with you to know which size frame to purchase.


WHERE TO BUY YOUR GLASS FRAME: links coming soon

What you will need:

  • Your print
  • A mounted frame with glass in the size of the print
  • Fiber cloth
  • Scissors
  • Acid free tape
  • Flat head screw driver or a butter knife (to bend the frame tabs back)
  • Steps to follow:

    Step 1: Open the frame and clean the glass.

    Step 2: Line up the print / paper painting to the mount and carefully secure with the tape.

    Step 3: Check your print placement in the mount.

    Step 4: Place the mount back into the frame and secure tabs.TIP: Make sure you place the back board the right way in so your print is not upside down in the frame.

Box framing is the perfect option to make your print look like a real painting!

The Canvas Box Frame looks like the real deal! It is a print that is wrapped around a stretcher bar and then placed into a frame that replicates the look of a real painting.

  • We offer this full framing service to you!
  • YOUR ORDER INCLUDES: extra white borders, varnishing of your print, the stretchers bars and the finished frame.
  • Select frame finishes in: Natural, black or white
  • Every order received is made on demand.


FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: as a affordable way to ship your box frame ready print, you can select the "Borders and Varning For Prints" option. This extra comes wiht a white border and varnish. We securely roll your print in a tube and you can hand this to a framer closest to you to stretch and box frame your art replica print.

Watch how we box frame

A simple, cost effective and quirky way to hang prints!

These frames are Ash wood made by the lovely Oh-Nice company. The frames are hand made in a small studio in Cape Town.

  • The frames are Ash wood.
  • Locally made!
  • Hand made and quality controlled.
  • Some of the frames are made from reclaimed wood.
  • Magnets will hold your Jozelle McLea canvas in securly. It's tried and tested!
  • You can hang your frame on the wall in minutes! And even switch up the yarn to suit your decor.
But your Magnetic Clip Frames HERE

Want to see how we frame?

Watch my glass frame tutorial, how we box frame your prints and its process, and how to work your magnetic frame.

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